NY Jet Escapes Jail For Reckless Driving

NY Jet Escapes Jail For Reckless Driving

NY Jet Escapes Jail For Reckless Driving

NY Jet Escapes Jail For Reckless Driving: In July of 2015 Sheldon Richardson, an immensely talented Defensive Back for the New York Jets was arrested for driving over 140 miles per hour.  Richardson was also charged with running a red light, resisting arrest and evading police. Richardson was not charged for child endangerment for the 12 year old who was in the Bentley.  In January, 2016 Richardson entered a guilty plea to resisting arrest, evading law enforcement and evading law enforcement.  The Court found facts sufficient to convict on those charges and then deferred the cases to be dismissed upon the successful completion of certain conditions.  Those conditions are 100 hours of community service, two years of probation and good behavior.  This is an amazing disposition for someone driving 143 miles per hour with a child in the car while being chased by police.  Richardson has pledged to turn his life around, stating “I was negative in the community. . . I’s gonna change.”  #NYJetEscapesJailForRecklessDriving

NY Jet Escapes Jail For Reckless Driving:  Richardson has always been an incredible athlete.  He was a star in football, track, baseball and basketball at his Missouri High School.  He was a high school All American in football as a defensive end.  In college at the University of Missouri, Richardson was also a star in the two years he attended that school.  Richardson set a Southern Conference record with 75 tackles in his last year.  Even in college, however, Richardson had problems following the rules.  After being suspended for rules violations at the University, Richardson declared for the 2013 NFL Draft.  The New York Jets took him in the first round as a defensive end.  Over the next couple of years Richardson was a standout defensive end.  Richardson has such strength and speed that the Jets sometimes play him at fullback.  In that role, Richardson has scored two touchdowns — once against the Green Bay Packers and once against the Carolina Panthers.

If you have received a Virginia reckless driving or speeding ticket, contact Bob’s office immediately.  You can either call 540.433.6906 or email info@BobKeefer.com.  You want to schedule a FREE CASE REVIEW with Bob by telephone to discuss your case.  The call is completely free and entirely confidential.  Get the benefit of Bob’s more than 30 years experience while trying to figure out how to deal with your charges.  #NYJetEscapesJailForRecklessDriving


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